JOES version 2 Micro Sprint Aluminium Front Spindle - Black

$148.01 inc.GST each

Joes Micro Spindle
Part #: JOE-25635-V2

JOES version 2 Micro Sprint Front Spindles are lighter than version 1, while keeping the same strength. These innovative spindles were designed with the racer in mind by having more axle boss & thrust bearing clearance than any other spindle on the market. All those struggles from installing your spindle onto your axle are now non-existent due to the new JOES design. This updated version will even fit old style axle bosses without the large corner reliefs making your life easier when assembling. JOES Spindles can be used on either the right or left side of your axle.

• Standard 10 degree spindle.
• Precision CNC Machined from 7075-T6 to ensure dimensions are held to a tight tolerance.
• Utilizes heavy duty Oilite bushings for consistently smooth & maintenance free turning.
• Steering Arm mounting holes are 3/8″ Diameter.
• Steering Arm holes are 2-1/8″ Center to Center.
• Includes optional safety c-clip for spindle nut.
• Snout: 1” diameter / 2.56” Length.
• Fits 2.08″ kingpin (axle) boss.
• Fits 5/8″ diameter king-pin.
• Steering Arm/Caliper Mount hole dimensions are 3/8” Diameter x 2-1/8” Center to Center
• Manufactured in the USA.
• Sold Individually.

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